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Using the TaskQueryService from .Net (C#)

As regular readers will know, I am working on a .Net version of the custom worklist sample.¬† As I work on this, I am playing with a few different things in .Net along the way, and it seemed like it … Continue reading

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Consuming E-Business Suite web services using Oracle Service Bus, or Using Oracle Service Bus with OWSM Policies to call WS-Security protected services

This post demonstrates how to expose an E-Business Suite interface as a web service, in this case the PL/SQL API for getting a price for a product. Once you have exposed a service, you are probably going to want to … Continue reading

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Exposing E-Business Suite services using the Integrated SOA Gateway

Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 introduced a new “Integrated SOA Gateway” that makes it very easy to expose functionality from E-Business Suite as web services. ¬†This allows much easier integration to and from E-Business Suite. In this post, we look … Continue reading

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