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Learn more about the Chef and Puppet sample code

For those who are interested in the Chef and Puppet sample code we published on github, please enjoy this video:

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Oracle publishes official Chef and Puppet samples on github

With Edwin Biemond Oracle official sample Chef cookbooks and Puppet modules are now available on Oracle’s official GitHub page at https://github.com/oracle/chef-samples and https://github.com/oracle/puppet-samples for Java, WebLogic and Fusion Middleware. Chef and Puppet are arguably the most popular provisioning frameworks and … Continue reading

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Getting to know Docker – a better way to do virtualization?

In this post, with guest co-writers Edwin Biemond (@biemond) and Joel Nation (@joelith), we will explore virtualization with Docker.  You may have heard of Docker, it is getting a lot of interest lately, especially with the recent announcement that Google … Continue reading

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A Roadmap for SOA Development and Delivery

This post is part of a series on SOA Development and Delivery. In this post I will present a roadmap and a target state for SOA Development and Delivery.  This will serve as the basis for an extended open ‘proof … Continue reading

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SOA Development and Delivery

Let’s start by talking about what I mean by that.  I don’t think that ‘SDLC’ is  the right term to describe the space that I want to talk about, but it is a term that people are familiar with, so … Continue reading

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