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Mark Nelson is an Architect (an "IC6") in the Fusion Middleware Central Development Team at Oracle. Mark's job is to make Fusion Middleware easy to use in the cloud and at home, for developers and operations folks, with special focus on continuous delivery, configuration management and provisioning - making it simple to manage the configuration of complex environments and applications built with Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications, on-premise and in the cloud. Before joining this team, Mark was a senior member of the A-Team since 2010, and worked in Sales Consulting at Oracle since 2006 and various roles at IBM since 1994.

Using Coherence on Oracle Java Cloud Service

Originally posted on Coherence Down Under:
There are a number of Tutorials on using Oracle’s Java Cloud Service (JCS).  One in particular shows how to configure a Coherence instance in JCS. See here for more details. For the full list…

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Docker panel discussion on OTN ArchBeat

Recently, I participated in an OTN ArchBeat panel discussion on Docker with Edwin Biemond, Lucas Jellema, Jim Clark and Matt Wright.  We chatted about topics like Docker’s readiness for production use, how Docker and containerization in general impact our views … Continue reading

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“Getting Started with Oracle Maven Repository” from the OTN Virtual Technology Summit

Whew!  The third and final broadcast of the Oracle Technology Network Virtual Technology Summit just finished with the APAC broadcast a few minutes ago.  If you missed it – I had a session called “Getting Started with the Oracle Maven … Continue reading

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Nexus Support for Oracle Maven Repository

More good news, Nexus 2.11.2 is now available and supports proxying the Oracle Maven Repository, in both the OSS and Pro versions.  You can find all the details here including a video demonstration. The Sonatype guys, especially Manfred Moser (@simpligility) … Continue reading

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Nexus and Atifactory support for proxying Oracle Maven Repository

Good news for folks using their own Maven Repository Manager, as the two major players both add support to their products to allow proxying of the Oracle Maven Repository. Nexus 2.11.2 (to be released soon) will have the necessary support … Continue reading

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WebLogic Docker images added to Oracle’s github

For those interested in Docker – you might like to check out the new WebLogic Docker images in Oracle’s github repo:

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Oracle Maven Repository – Index now available – more to come

I am happy to announce that we now have an index available for the Oracle Maven Repository.  This is a standard Maven index, built with the Maven Core Indexer code (donated by Sonatype to Maven – thanks!) and is available … Continue reading

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