Mark Nelson is a Developer Evangelist in the Oracle Database Microservices and Messaging team at Oracle.

In the archives you will find older posts about Fusion Middleware and from other contributors, but all the newer posts (2022-) are mostly about microservices, messaging, event processing and the Oracle Database.

We know the frustration of searching the web for an answer to your problem, only to find half an answer – enough to tell you what you need to do, but not all of the necessary details to actually do it.

So we try to write our posts to include all of the necessary information, so that you can actually use them to do something.  That’s why we use a lot of examples and screenshots.  We try to write the kind of articles that we would like to read when we need help.  We hope you find them helpful too.  If something here does help you, please leave us a comment to let us know.  We love to hear from you.  Thanks!

We are also happy to take requests.  We can’t promise we will address them all, and you may have to wait, but we will do what we can.  Take a look at our tag cloud to see what kinds of things we write about.

Thank you for visiting.  Please come by again!

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  1. I have gone through two posts on ADF. Your posts give a very good introduction to ADF. Thank you. I am waiting for more. 🙂

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