BPM update adds Case Management Web Interface and REST APIs

Oracle has just released BPM Bundle Patch 3 which adds the out of the box web interface for Advanced Case Management and REST APIs for working with BPM.

The patch is available from Oracle Support, it is patch number 18072286.

The Case Management interface looks a bit like this:


And here is an example of using the REST API.  You can call the REST URL (GET) http://yourserver:port/bpm/services/rest/application.wadl to get details of the available services:


Here is a list of the REST methods provided:

  resources base="http://slc05til.us.oracle.com:8111/bpm/services/rest/"
    resource path="processes"
      method id="getProcesses" name="GET"
    resource path="identities"
      method id="getIdentities" name="GET"
    resource path="user/{userid}"
      method id="getUser" name="GET"
    resource path="group/{groupid}"
      method id="getGroup" name="GET"
    resource path="role/{roleid}"
      method id="getRole" name="GET"
    resource path="runtime"
      method id="getRuntime" name="GET"
    resource path="tasks"
      method id="getTasks" name="GET"
    resource path="{id}/attachments"
      method id="getTaskAttachments" name="GET"
      method id="addTaskAttachments" name="POST"
    resource path="{id}/todoTasks"
      method id="getToDoTask" name="GET"
    resource path="views/{viewname}"
      method id="getViewBasedTasks" name="GET"
    resource path="actions"
      method id="performBulkActions" name="POST"
    resource path="{id}/info_request"
      method id="infoRequest" name="POST"
    resource path="{id}/attachments/{attachmentName}/stream"
      method id="getTaskAttachmentStream" name="GET"
    resource path="{id}/attachments/{attachmentName}"
      method id="deleteTaskAttachment" name="DELETE"
      method id="getTaskAttachment" name="GET"
    resource path="{id}/comments"
      method id="addTaskComment" name="POST"
      method id="getTaskComments" name="GET"
    resource path="{id}/reassign"
      method id="reassignTask" name="POST"
    resource path="{id}"
      method id="performTaskAction" name="POST"
      method id="getTask" name="GET"
    resource path="todoTask"
      method id="createToDoTask" name="POST"
    resource path="reassign"
      method id="reassignTasks" name="POST"
    resource path="{id}/delegate"
      method id="delegateTask" name="POST"
    resource path="delegate"
      method id="delegateTasks" name="POST"
    resource path="{id}/history"
      method id="getTaskHistory" name="GET"
    resource path="{id}/form"
      method id="getTaskForm" name="GET"
    resource path="views"
      method id="getViews" name="GET"

About Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson is an Architect (an "IC6") in the Fusion Middleware Central Development Team at Oracle. Mark's job is to make Fusion Middleware easy to use in the cloud and at home, for developers and operations folks, with special focus on continuous delivery, configuration management and provisioning - making it simple to manage the configuration of complex environments and applications built with Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications, on-premise and in the cloud. Before joining this team, Mark was a senior member of the A-Team since 2010, and worked in Sales Consulting at Oracle since 2006 and various roles at IBM since 1994.
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