Making Coherence play nice in your test environment

This issue has popped up a couple of times for me recently, so I thought I would do a quick post on it.

When you are running a number of Fusion Middleware environments in the same IP subnet, as you might be in a test environment for example, the default Coherence startup parameters can cause you some issues.

A quick and easy way to avoid these issues, is to change the Coherence clusterport setting, and add the Coherence ttl setting, as shown in the example below.  You can do this by updating the EXTRA_JAVA_PROPERTIES variable in the script inside your domain’s bin directory.


Ideally, you want to set tangosol.coherence.clusterport to a different value for each separate cluster.  Set tangosol.coherence.ttl to 0 as shown above.

About Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson is a Developer Evangelist at Oracle, focusing on microservices and messaging. Before this role, Mark was an Architect in the Enterprise Cloud-Native Java Team, the Verrazzano Enterprise Container Platform project, worked on Wercker, WebLogic and was a senior member of the A-Team since 2010, and worked in Sales Consulting at Oracle since 2006 and various roles at IBM since 1994.
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