Finding which JAR contains a class – again!

I posted a few days ago about finding which JAR file contains a class file – something I often want to do.  My friend Chris Johnson promptly posted a better version here with caching – thanks Chris!

Chris said I inspired him to finish his script 🙂 and in return he has inspired me to improve it further.  As I often work with JAR files in a development environment, and often a lot of them, the search can take a while, so the caching is great.  But – those files can change over time, so I need the cache to be kept up to date.

Here is an updated version of Chris’ version that will update the cache if a JAR file is newer than the cache:



# prevent people from hitting Ctrl-C and breaking our cache
trap 'echo "Control-C disabled."' 2

if [ ! -d $CACHEDIR ]; then
    mkdir  $CACHEDIR

for JARFILE in `find $PWD -name "*jar"`

  if [ ! -s $CACHEFILE ]; then
      mkdir -p `dirname $CACHEFILE`
      nohup jar tvf $JARFILE > $CACHEFILE
  # if the jar file has been updated, cache it again
  elif [ $JARFILE -nt $CACHEFILE ]; then
      nohup jar tvf $JARFILE > $CACHEFILE

  grep $TARGET $CACHEFILE > /dev/null
  if [ $? == 0 ]
    echo "$TARGET is in $JARFILE"

P.S.  If you are running this on Ubuntu (or Debian), like me, you better make that first line a bit more explicit:



About Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson is an Architect (an "IC6") in the Fusion Middleware Central Development Team at Oracle. Mark's job is to make Fusion Middleware easy to use in the cloud and at home, for developers and operations folks, with special focus on continuous delivery, configuration management and provisioning - making it simple to manage the configuration of complex environments and applications built with Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware and Fusion Applications, on-premise and in the cloud. Before joining this team, Mark was a senior member of the A-Team since 2010, and worked in Sales Consulting at Oracle since 2006 and various roles at IBM since 1994.
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One Response to Finding which JAR contains a class – again!

  1. In my environment, “unzip -l” was much faster than “jar tvf” — thanks for the article though!

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