Issue with JDK 1.6.0_18 under WebCenter

I was talking to an architect at a new WebCenter installation over the last few days, they were having a lot of strange issues with pages not rendering correctly, parts of the page missing and the layout getting all messed up.

Turns out the issue was due to a bug in the JDK version they were using, 1.6.0 update 18, and was resolved by upgrading to update 21.

So, if you are installing WebCenter, learn from their experience and don’t use that version of the JDK!

About Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson is an Architect in the Enterprise Cloud-Native Java Team at Oracle. Mark works mainly on making Java (traditional and microservices) easy to use in Kubernetes and the CNCF ecosystem. Before joining this team, Mark worked on Wercker, WebLogic and was a senior member of the A-Team since 2010, and worked in Sales Consulting at Oracle since 2006 and various roles at IBM since 1994.
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