4 Responses to Creating a custom profile in Oracle UCM

  1. monster791 says:

    Thanks for this post, very helpful! So, there is no way to automatically hide all the fields first, and then selectively add fields? We have a ton of metadata, so hiding each one individually is brutal.

  2. monster791 says:

    Figured out my own fix:
    – Make several rules grouping whatever fields you want to include
    – In Profile > Edit, select “Exclude Non-Rule Fields”


  3. jerrycashman says:

    Pretty cool… there’s a lot to learn there, but I managed it, thanks…

    Will be very interested to see how I can expose these new fields in a WebCenter Spaces workflow now…

    cheers. Jerry

    • markxnelson says:

      Thanks Jerry. You might want to take a look at this post too. It actually describes how the customisation is done for WebCenter. It shows an example of adding a link to another rendition, rather than extra metadata. It is similar to what you are after, but not exactly the same. It is based on some real work that we did. Will talk to you tomorrow. Mark.

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