Moving to a new blog!

Hi everyone,

After many years on WordPress, I have decided to move to a new platform.  I have started a new blog at where I will be writing about WebLogic, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, OpenShift, Java, Helidon, that kind of thing!  I hope to see you there!

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New Steps Store launched in Wercker!

Wercker’s new Steps Store just went live and you can read all about it here:

In case you don’t know – Wercker is Oracle’s cloud-based (SaaS) CI/CD platform, which you can use for free at  Steps are reusable parts that can be used in continuous delivery pipelines.  They are almost all open source and free to use too.  We also have a non-free tier which we call “Oracle Container Pipelines” which gives you dedicated resources to run your pipelines.

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Oracle releases the open source Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator

I am very happy to be able to announce that we have just released and open sourced the Oracle WebLogic Server Kubernetes Operator, which I have been working on with a great team of people for the last few months!

You can find the official announcement on the WebLogic Server blog and the code is on GitHub at  This initial release is a “Technology Preview” which we really hope people will be interested in playing with and giving feedback.  We have already had some great feedback from our small group of testers who have been playing with it for the last couple of weeks, and we are very, very appreciative for their input.  We have some great plans for the operator going forward.



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Oracle releases certification for WebLogic Server on Kubernetes

In case you missed it, Oracle has certified WebLogic Server on Kubernetes.  You can read all the details here:

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Java EE is moving to the Eclipse Foundation

I’m sure many of you have already heard the news, but in case you missed it, you might want to read all about it here!

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Java SE 9 and Java EE 8 released

“Oracle today announced the general availability of Java SE 9 (JDK 9), Java Platform Enterprise Edition 8 (Java EE 8) and the Java EE 8 Software Development Kit (SDK). “

You can read the Oracle Press Release here: “Oracle Announces Java SE 9 and Java EE 8


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Oracle joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Read about it over here:

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