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Using the TaskQueryService from .Net (C#)

As regular readers will know, I am working on a .Net version of the custom worklist sample.  As I work on this, I am playing with a few different things in .Net along the way, and it seemed like it … Continue reading

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Consuming E-Business Suite web services using Oracle Service Bus, or Using Oracle Service Bus with OWSM Policies to call WS-Security protected services

This post demonstrates how to expose an E-Business Suite interface as a web service, in this case the PL/SQL API for getting a price for a product. Once you have exposed a service, you are probably going to want to … Continue reading

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Exposing PeopleSoft portlets through WebCenter with WS-Security

Note: This post is an updated and extended version of this older post. This post was produced jointly with Shawn Xin and Wellen Lau along with help and support from several other people. 1       Introduction Often customers wish to expose … Continue reading

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Exposing PeopleSoft portlets through WebCenter

A new updated and expanded version of this post, which includes information about how to configure security is located here. I often get asked about exposing functionality from PeopleSoft through WebCenter – how do you do it?  How hard is it?  Here … Continue reading

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